The Permaculture Gardens
+ How to Make a Wicking Bed
+ Friday Morning Busy Bee

Permaculture is a concept of design that uses the principles of organic growing in an holistic garden system. It involves a commitment to sustainability and encourages individuals and communities to become involved and responsible for their environment, as an alternative to just a "use and throw away" mentality.
Permaculture also involves a commitment to the connections between people. Our gardens were designed and built by young unemployed people through a youth training incentive, Landcare and Environment Action Programme (LEAP), in 1996.
Many of the participants are still involved in the continuation and growth of the Earthwise gardens on a cooperative basis.
The garden is a place for the public to see and enjoy. People are welcome to wander through and touch, smell and taste something fresh.

Activity: Friday Morning Busy Bee

What is a Wicking Bed?

"A wicking bed is a garden bed that has water coming from the base of the material and 'wicking' or moving up through the soil and hitting the roots first. This reduces the water loss and is especially useful in Perth's long dry summers".

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Earthwise Wicking Bed Recipe

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