Local Edible Native Plants

In April 2012, Steve Mc Cabe from the Beyond Gardens team held a workshop at Earthwise to show participants what to plant, why and where.

"They call me a bio-scaper," Steve said. "The food and useful plants are often right beside us and we walk by." Steve is a natural area manager and has been doing this work since last century!

He said indigenous peoples used plants for food, medicine, soap and bedding. The early settlers were often ignorant of the potential of the flora surrounding them. According to Steve, there was frequently a comedy of errors with early settlers missing easy opportunities. And continues
to this day.

John Calwell and Steve McCabe Visit

Thanks to a City of Subiaco grant, Earthwise had the input and skills of the Beyond Gardens pair, John Calwell and Steve McCabe talking about the possibilities of BushFood.

Subsequently Steve took everyone on a slow walk round the streets close by to see what indigenous foods were growing in the area already. Then the fun part of matching the plants Steve had bought for the garden with the descriptions, and finally planting throughout the garden space. Come and visit the garden and search out the bush foods. Labels & uses -- coming shortly.