The Latest Environmental Technology

If you've been past Earthwise Community over the last few weeks you may have noticed the site has become a hive of a construction activity, with the installation of the two 1.5 kw solar panel systems and the delivery and installation of our lovely BIG water tank - just in time for the rain!

Solar Panels

The HIT Solar Panels

The thin film Solar Panels

The solar panel system is essentially two 1.5kw systems. One is Monocrystaline panels, the other thin-film panels. The idea is to demonstrate the differences between the two types of panels, to help you decide on a system that suits you best!

Water Tank

Our 38,572L rainwater tank is now installed. This is the beginning of what will be a water saving system. In summer water from our tank will feed into the reticulation system, while in winter the tank water will be used to flush our toilets!

Preparing the base for the Water Tank.

The installed Tank.

Heat Pump

A heat pump hot water service has been installed. The heat pump acts in a similar way to a fridge or air conditioning unit, except instead of cooling it heats our hot water. The unit uses less energy than a traditional electric hot water system and does not even run continuously.

The Heat Pump installation.


Window insulation has been installed in the form of "Clear Comfort Intelligent Insulation". This is where a layer of plastic wrap looking material is fitted to the interior of the window to make a pocked of air that aids cooling and heating by reducing heat transfer through the windows. It acts in a similar way to double glazing, but doesn't cost as much.

Power Usage

Three Power Mate units have been purchased to lend out to people. The Power Mate can be used to find out how much electricity appliances use. I have been testing one at home plugging it into everything I can think of to see how much power I am using. It can display things like hourly, yearly and per cycle information for appliances! A great tool for working out how to reduce your electricity consumption.


Feel free to come down and have a look. Fliers with information on the technology will be made available soon through the op-shop and the Earthwise Education officer (Lucy) is usually around on Fridays if you'd like to come down and have a chat about any of the technologies that have gone in.