How We Began

Earthwise grew from dreams and plans to recycle and repair unwanted items while giving opportunities for others to exchange volunteer time for goods. An old church building became available through the Uniting Church, and in 1991 Earthwise op-shop opened incorporating a low cost food centre that now operates one day a week. A weekly cheap lunch is now offered on the same day.

Music nights had been operating in the church hall from 1985. However a serious fire gutted this area and the purpose built replacement, with meeting room, kitchen, offices and toilet facilities became known as Outback. A monthly Outback Music became part of Earthwise in 1991.

The permaculture garden was established in 1996 through a federal government scheme called LEAP. The initial limestone work was built with most of the fruit and nut trees planted. Several Work for the Dole projects then added such things as the flying dragon (hoisted in between trees), the solar powered water fountain and the wood fired pizza oven. Recently a labyrinth has been added.

And now? Earthwise is managed entirely by volunteers. Grants were obtained to renovate the premises, improve the garden and purchase equipment. Income is through hire of the meeting room space, op shop sales and fundraising.

The venue and activities are open to all and volunteers and ideas are encouraged.